When we talk about stress, anxiety and depression, what does that mean to you? Do you think there are ways teens can cope?  What do you suggest?

There’s good stress and bad stress.  Good stress can be something like making sure study enough for a test.  Bad stress would be something someone said to you on Instagram or in a text.  It’s important to learn how to deal with the feelings and pressures that come with bad or negative stressors.

Stress to me is being pressured by the daily problems that come to me.  Some ways to cope are to stop and take a deep breath, get some exercise and fresh air, and I always like to listen to my favorite music.

My grades are my main stressor.  I think a lot of times when people are stressed, they avoid thinking about it and they try to distract themselves.  Sometimes these things can be unhealthy…. which can make things worse.

Stress to me is disturbing.  You are out of your of your comfort zone.  I try to turn to a hobby or just relaxing to cope with everything when I am stressed.

I get stressed out when have a big test or a lot of homework to do. What I try to do is think about and plan ways to get it all done, and then leave time to do whatever I want.

Stress and anxiety are an inevitable part of life.  But if we can learn to speak up and feel comfortable talking to someone or each other about it, then I feel we can get through it together through that mutual understanding and support.

School and peer pressure stress me the most.  I think about the large shoes that I have to fill and that is going to be hard.  Stress is also being in a bad space that distracts you and keeps you from doing your best.  I try to take a deep breathe and  take a break from what is stressing me out.

Stress is like a vibe that clamps your life in times of struggle.  For me, so far, the stress eventually subsides, and life moves on.

Depression is when life isn’t going your way and you don’t have anyone to turn to and you lose hope in the future.  I want to tell people “Don’t stress it.  It’ll all get better.”

Holding stress in is not healthy.  Everyone needs to find their own outlet.  If you don’t it  will just build up inside, you and the result could be dangerous when it finally comes out.

It’s understandable to have stress, anxiety and depression.  You may have a good reason to feel unhappy.  But you should talk to somebody or write down your feelings.  Make some effort to deal with it and to get help.  Please don’t keep that bottled up.