Q.  What do you wish your Parents knew about you (or teens in general) that they don’t know or understand?

A.  I wish my Parents understood that a lot of teenagers ARE responsible to make good choices and hangout with our friends.  We will only go through high school this one time, they need to allow us to be in the position to make decisions for ourselves.

A.  I wish they knew that sometimes when I get home from school I don’t want to talk and would like to relax for a while.  We have a full life in school and that we are tired when we get home.

A.  That I go to a school where other kids feel socially pressured all the time and a lot of them give into that pressure.

 A.  I wish my Parents knew that sometimes support can be in the form of giving me alone time or silence.

A.  I wish Parents were more understanding of all the stress that is put on teens today.  A lot of people think that being a teen is easy but there are so many more expectations to succeed, to get into a good college to do everything well… and then there is a lot of peer pressure.

Q.  How do you want your Parents to talk to you?  When is a good time to talk and when is NOT a good time to talk?

A.  I want them to talk respectfully to me.

A.  I want my Parents to talk to me, even though it might not seem like it.  A good time to talk is during dinner or in the car, but talking to me and interrupting something I’m in the middle of doing is not good.

A.  I want my Parents to talk to me when I’m not vulnerable.  It’s a good time to talk after an event happens and I need to discuss something.  But, I don’t like being talked at or lectured.

A.  I would like my Parents to talk to me in a more interested, considerate, and less authoritative tone.  A good time to talk is if something is troubling me.  A bad time to talk is when I’m doing homework, relaxing or right after practice or a game.

A.  Parents should be open to having good conversations where they give their undivided attention (no distractions).  It’s not a good time to talk to me in the morning or immediately after school.

A.  I would like my parents to talk to me like I am an adult, because I really am almost an adult.  More like they support me and want to help, rather than lecture and talk at me.

A.  I wish my parents wouldn’t try to make a big deal about talking to me…. I feel that discussion should come naturally.

A.  A good time to talk is at family meals or when saying good night… ask if there is any news or updates, ask how we are feeling/doing and ask how they can help.

Q.  What do you think Parents are doing that they shouldn’t? 

A.  Trying to talk to me right after school as soon as I get home or when I’m pre-occupied with homework or something that is academic related.

A.  Parents aren’t asking specific questions about their children’s life – like their school day, who their friends are, where they are going, who will be there, etc.

A.  I think Parents need to find a balance of being too lenient and too controlling. 

A.  I think Parents shouldn’t snoop to find information about their teen. 

A.  Parents are putting too much pressure on their kids.  Motivation should come from within sometimes.

A.  Some parents don’t care if their teens vape. 

A.  I think some Parents are too “hands-off”.  I think being involved in your childs’ educations is helpful.

Q. What do you think Parents do that is right effective/appropriate/helpful?

A.  Some Parents do a good job of keeping track of their teen and try to keep them from doing drugs.

A.  I think it’s good when Parents hold their teen to high standards and consequences for the bad choices they make.

Q.  Do you think Parents really realize the amount of stress and pressure Teens are feeling AND, do you think Parents are adding to the stress and pressure Teens are feeling? 

A.  No, they think school and social life is as easy as it was decades ago, but that’s not the case.  Colleges have a lot more expectations when it comes to academics and extracurriculars.  Plus, we have to balance a job and dealing with relationships.  I think Parents are definitely adding to that stress.

A.  I don’t think Parents understand the amount of stress and pressure that teens are facing today.  I think they actually add to the stress when they ask a lot of questions about our progress and with that almost demand perfection.

A.  No, I do not think they understand the level of stress and pressure, and yes, I think they definitely add to it.

A.  No, I don’t think Parents are aware of the environment teens socialize in – there’s a lot of pressure.  I think poor communication and relationships between Parents and their children can bring added stress.

A.  I think that they actually do realize this but they don’t know how to adjust their behavior accordingly so that their child doesn’t feel even more stressed.

Q.  Are you able to communicate effectively with your Parents? If YES, can you describe how you think you mutually achieve it… if NO, what do you wish for?

A.  No, personally for me my Parents are usually too busy at work and are too tired to talk to me after they get home.  I would wish for them to understand that I have things that I do want to discuss with them.

A.  Yes, I am very honest with my Parents and by constantly sharing information with them it helps to keep our relationship open and their trust in me.

A.  Sometimes I’m able to communicate with my Parents by telling them how I feel, why I feel that way, and how they can help me – if we are talking in a calm tone it really helps.

A.  Yes, because we communicate with each other every day.

A.  Yes.  We sit at the kitchen table and talk.  We can agree to disagree and we respect each others opinions.

A.  I don’t think I’m able to communicate effectively with my Parents because they think that I’m trying to make them say what I want them to say.  I wish my Parents would trust me and what I’m trying to do.

Q.  Do you feel Parents really know/understand what’s going on with Teens today?

A.  No, I don’t think Parents know how much partying their teens are doing or the substances that they are using. 

A.  No, I don’t think Parents really know what is happening due to the influence that technology has on our lives – and for the most part, Parents are not able to keep up with that technology.

A.  No.  Parents lack the knowledge of the amount of drug and alcohol use that is going on with teens today.

Q.  What do you think is the primary issue for Teens and how do you think we can communicate that to Parents?

A.  I think the primary issue for teens today is coping with stress in appropriate ways.  I think it should be communicated much more in Parent meetings with teachers, counselors, etc.

A.  Stress….about our future and college.  It is getting very competitive and for teens in our community and it is very stressful.

A.  I think the issue right now is teens thinking vapes are safe.  We need to tell Parents so they can have discussions with their children.

A.  School stress combined with extra curriculars and a social life…. Just trying to balance it all is stressful.

A.  Teens think it’s cool to do drugs.  I think having Parent meetings with the schools and guidance counselors so they can communicate to the Parents the issues they see from the teens they see and talk to everyday.

A.  Stress and ill relationships are the primary problem for teens.  We should be more open to talking to our Parents.

Q.  Any other thoughts on Parent Communication, Parent Engagement, Parent Awareness, Understanding, etc.…?

A.  Parents should know about vapes… a lot of kids are doing this.  Parents should be more aware of what’s going on and with the behavior of their own kids.

A.  Parents need to be more engaged with their children and understand the stress they are under and what they are going through.

A.  Parents should aim to be as close as they can with their teens, to help them succeed and live responsible lives.