We’ve been hearing about a rising trend in e-cigs, vapes and hookah sticks.  Are you aware of this?  And, how, when and where do you think teens are engaging?

Yes!  Kids will literally vape whenever they can.

Yes… teens are using vapes in schools, in their cars, at home, practically everywhere.

Yes, teens are vaping all the time in class, in the bathrooms, and  in their cars in the school parking lots

A lot of teens think it’s a safer substance and don’t know the real facts or science behind it.

I think vape is a trend among teens because people think it looks “cool”.

So, teens just don’t believe it’s harmful.  So, what can be done to better educate both teens and parents?

Teens should be educated on the fact that vape is harmful and addictive

I think that you HAVE to get the message out to kids as young as possible (elementary and middle school).  It will have a greater impact and stay with them.  High school is too late.

We all need to do more…. talk to and educate Parents – get them engaged and encourage them to talk to their kids!

Bring more attention to the consequences of vaping both at schools and give Parents the education and resources they need.

More support, education and awareness for social media/on-line pressures.

As we near the end of the school year, what else is on your mind and concerning you right now? And, what should be done to address it?

I am concerned that it is hard to reach kids and inform them about the cost of abusing alcohol, drugs and substances like vapes

As the school year comes to a close, more and more kids start to slack off and make choices.  We should let the teachers/staff/counselors know about this and have them make sure that students are still motivated about school.

I’m concerned about summer parties and kids getting caught up in things and getting actively involved with substance use.  We should try to inform teens in our school in a way that impacts them.

Finally, what keeps you grounded…. What’s your influence to be drug-free and to make good choices even when you feel pressured?

My conscience keeps me grounded.  I care about my future.

Knowing that it is wrong and will NOT help my future.

I want to have control over my body, my mind and my future.

My influence is my future in academics and doing well in school, with my family and in life.




BBCC is dedicated to providing resources to students and parents in the mental health and wellness of our teens.  We look to support you in prevention intervention and overall support where you need it most.  The YAB is a great resource to tap into the teen mind, voice and is an open and inclusive point of view on how to handle life in these exciting and challenging times.