It’s a new year and YAB teens are talking resolutions, non-resolutions, goals and their wishes for teens.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions or NON-Resolutions?

To work hard in school and to be respectful.


To NOT get as frustrated as I do sometimes about things I can’t control -to let them go and understand they are not worth thinking too much and stressing about.


To be more organized and to have better study habits.  This in order to have an easier time at school and on tests.  I think this will help me later on in life too and will ultimately give me more free time.


My NON-resolution is to do everything when it is meant to be done instead of waiting last second.  Not even just for school but for life in general.


To be more disciplined and develop my character.  To stop procrastinating and to be a better version of myself.


To be BOLD and take advantage of all the opportunities put in front of me.  I’m done hesitating to take advantage of good opportunities and missing out in the end.


To stop procrastinating.  I also want to reach out to people I don’t normally talk to.  I want to be a better person than I was last year. 


My resolutions are to go to bed earlier, to be a kinder person, to read more and to stay very active.  I will NOT fall behind in school work and I WILL BE stress-free!


What are your Goals?

To be respectful at all times and to do the best I can at all things.


I’d like to get through the year with ZERO stress and do well.  I would also like to help the YAB grow and expand so more people can understand the importance of positive influences.


To get good grades ALL school year and to improve a lot in my sport – which is really important to me.  I’d also like to see the YAB grow and get our point across to as many people as possible and gain a lot more members.


To get into the college of my dreams and succeed wildly.  For the YAB, I’d like to expand our presence and membership.


To be more confident in everything I do and know how to get through frustration.  For the YAB, I hope we can promote everything a Juul can do to your body and if people get addicted, find  ways to get them help.


To stop procrastinating so I can start doing my best work always.  I also want to start being more thankful for what I have been given in life and to stop wising for something better or newer.  For the YAB I hope that we can establish better solutions for the vaping issues in schools and come up with ways to inform younger kids on the dangers of vaping.


I want to be less judgmental of people and I want to be more productive and get more things done.  For the YAB, I want to be able to connect with more people and gain closer relationships.  I hope also that we can reach out to more teens and get them to make the right choices instead of giving into peer pressure.


What are your wishes for teens?

To understand that vaping is bad for you and drinking, using marijuana is just as bad.


I wish for all teens to have NON-stressful year and to understand that there are consequences to their actions and choices.


To become educated and realize the affects of the choices they are making to use substances.


I wish teens to grow and to test themselves as individuals.


I wish that all teens make smart choices and know the consequences when they are not being wise.


I wish teens can learn how to better distinguish right from wrong and stand firm in their morals.  I hope that someday it will be easier for teens to NOT give in to peer pressure.


I wish all teens realize that they can get through high school without drinking or doing drugs.  I hope that they know that they don’t have to give into peer pressure to have a fun and great high school experience.