What is concerning you most right now with teen substance use?

A lot of kids binge drink and don’t realize how dangerous it is.

I think it’s concerning that some Parents know about it, but are passive or even seem to encourage it.

The carelessness of making the choice to drink or use drugs and the lack of awareness for the consequences.

How easy it is to get a hold of alcohol, drugs and other substances.

The super high use of Juuls and the amount of vaping going on.

The fact that kids are using alcohol, drugs and vapes so commonly and don’t really see an issue with it.

What do you think needs to be done about it?

Find and present them with statistics and stories of how dangerous binge drinking is.

I think the consequences should be different (and enforced) because for the most part, they can easily bypass the current ones.

Talk to and educate Parents.

Get more Parents involved!

Find a way to stop the distribution of drugs and make it harder for teens to have access.

Bring attention to the consequences of vaping.

More support, education and awareness for social media/on-line pressures.

We often talk about the stress and pressure teens are feeling from Parents, School and each other.  What do you need OR what will help teens better cope and handle the stress and pressure?

We need an outlet to let out the stress like a sport or club that kids can do for fun.  Kids that aren’t on Varsity or in NHS or Leadership…. need an outlet too.

I think that teens need to be exposed to different coping mechanisms because not everyone has access to help/support.  And not everyone responds well to one method.

Parents shouldn’t give their children as many expectations.  Let them choose their path.

How do you handle peer pressure when in a situation where other were drinking or smoking?

I don’t let other people affect my choices because if they are my friends, then they will respect my decisions.

Personally, I am not susceptible to peer pressure because I am aware of the consequences and I always think ahead.

I’ve gotten myself out of it by walking away or have left a party early.  I didn’t really say much, I just left.

I have just said that I wasn’t interested.

What are your thoughts on Prom and Graduation?  These are definitely seen as “party times”.  High School should be celebrated but what can be done to make these safer and less pressure on everyone?

They are “big” events that create life long memories…. But I think drinking and partying negatively impact those memories.

I think the schools could do a better job of spreading and encouraging a healthy message about these events.

I think Parents should lock up their alcohol and if they are hosting a party at their house actually monitor the kids.

What do you think is unique about the Youth Action Board?
It is a group of teens from the same area that feel the need and want to create alternative activities that don’t involve drugs or drinking.

The YAB has really helped open my mind and I’m more aware of what is going on in my community.

The YAB is unique because it lets young people have a voice and makes them more aware of what’s really happening.

They get stuff done. 

I have gotten the knowledge and connections to improve my community.

It is a great space to share how we feel.  I feel I’ve gotten a safe space to be, and I feel like I’m not alone in my convictions and concerns.




BBCC and the YAB are dedicated to providing resources to students and parents for the mental health and wellness of our teens.  We take a positive, thoughtful approach in prevention, intervention and overall support where you need it most.  The YAB is a great resource to tap into the teen mind and voice and provides an open and inclusive point of view on how to handle life in these exciting and challenging times.