YAB’s talk and answer questions on teen trends, access, effective messages, dealing with stress, and what Parents need to know….
Q. What do think is the biggest problem today with youth substance use?  
Teens Answer:
  • Teenagers are NOT aware of the consequences that alcohol and smoking does to their health.
  • I think drinking is one of the biggest issues.  It is very prevelant at most parties, both big and small
Q. How do teens get access to alcohol?  Weed?
Teens Answer:
  • Older siblings, friends, facke I.D.’s.  Also some parents support drinking and provide it.
  • Teens get alcohol through connections; (someone knows a guy who knows a guy), parents (at home sometimes they know and sometimes they don’t), and older siblings.
  • Teens get weed through connections, and surprisingly, some parents have week and provide it.
Q.  What do you think is an effective message/deterrant for teens to NOT drink or use drugs?
Teens Answer:
  • I think more messages and education that communicates the consequences of drug and alcohol use is needed.
Q.  What is the easiest way for you to stick to your values?
Teens Answer:
  • Remembering your goals is the best way. If you have a plan to achieve your goals, it will be obvious what you can and cannot do in order to succeed.  You will know your values when you search inside yourself and you will stick to them if you truly know it is what you need and want to succeed.
Q. How do you handle stress, pressure and anxiety?  Do you feel you/teens have resources or someone to go to?
Teens Answer:

  •  I do not feel schools do an efficient job at giving us resources or a place to go with our issues OR with showing us alternatives to NOT being perfect.

  •  I try to remember and remind myself that life will go on if I make a mistake.  That and a nice cup of tea helps me calm down. 
  •   I try to read a lot of books to relax.  I also like to sleep when I can, because I normally do not remember what I was stressed about before a nap J

  •  I can handle the stress and pressure as long as I know it’s worth it.  I always look forward to what I will achieve after I get through stressful times.

Q. What do Parents need to know about teens today?  How can Parents handle things better?
Teens Answer:

  • I think Parents should be reminded NOT to support underage drinking by hosting parties and providing or looking the other way when it happens.
  •  Parents need to know the statistics about teen drinking and drug use.  Parents must know that their kids are not perfect and that they may actually be involved in things they should not be.  Parents can also be more understanding and try to be part of the solution not the problem.

  • We don’t try to make mistakes.  We aren’t going to parties to get drunk or get MIP’s deliberately, but when we are put in those situations we do need support and reminders to be able to call our Parents and get their help….. without getting into trouble.  Staying calm in those moments is important… discipline can come later.

  • Parents need to keep an open mind regarding what kids should be able to do and not do.  Maybe back off a little when it’s not a big issue? Kids can be obsessed with a TV show or a sport.  Loving things that are safe should be OK. 

  • Parents need to know that there is a chance their own kid drinks or does drugs no matter how innocent they may seem.  Parents need to make sure they are cautious about that and monitor their actions.