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Tobacco Truths


   Hookah is less harmful than tobacco or marijuana

      It is estimated that 1 hookah session can be the = of smoking 100 cigarettes.

   Hookah is a legal substance so it must be OK for teens and adults to use.

   The water/vapor filters out the harmful chemicals and toxins

      The water in a hookah bong does NOT filter out the harmful chemicals, carbon monoxide, tar and other cancer causing chemicals and of course… the very addicted nicotine. It ACTUALLY acts as a conduit to the mouth and ultimately your lungs, body and bloodstream.

      Hookah is a flavored tobacco that is smoked through a tube connected to a device called a bong.

      Hookah can also be smoked through smaller, portable, vaporizer devices

      Research shows that hookah smokers inhale more often and for longer periods of time than regular smokers.

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