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It's hard to believe BBCC is in its final year of federal funding through the Drug Free Communities Program (DFC) grant that will have provided a total of $1.125 million dollars over the 10-year period, ending September 29, 2016. 


The Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking Act (STOP Act) grant is a 4-year grant BBCC received because of doing such a good job showing outcomes with the DFC grant and for having a solid concept of further reducing underage drinking, which we have done. The STOP Act grant will have accounted for $193,032 over the 4-year period, ending September 29, 2016. 


Together, these two grants account for $173,258 annually. Put another way, the federal grant dollars account for 74% of the BBCC's budget, as shown in the following pie chart.



So what does this mean for BBCC youth-focused mental health and substance abuse prevention efforts and our community?


Some prevention coalitions dramatically reduce their overall programs and capacity to address substance abuse issues in their community once their 10-years of the DFC grant is complete.  


Because we know that substance abuse prevention works and that the issues leading to youth substance abuse are not going away, the BBCC Team (Board and Staff) are committed to finding ways to replace the federal grant dollars with other funding. 


This is a great time to either further engage or re-engage your support of the BBCC on behalf of our youth. And, this page lists several opportunities of how to do so. 


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